03 Dec 2015 — 20 Mar 2016 - Now Closed

Shop at the Data Store

Data & Design

The Data Store, Big Bang Data's very own shop, is open to all until 20 March.

We've selected our Top 5 items to buy, hand picked by our shop assistants, to help awaken your inner data viz self.

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World Processor by Ingo Gunther

Ingo Gunther’s World Processor installation is a striking feature of our Big Bang Data exhibition. The accompanying book details the long history of the project and showcases this unique form of data visualisation in full page, colour photographs. Every page is as fascinating as it is framable.

world processor1


Flights of Fancy Radio Receiver 


Big Bang Data Tote Bag

Morag Myerscough’s designs for the Big Bang Data show transfer beautifully onto our tote bag. Bright, creative, and lovely in its simplicity – who doesn’t love a good tote!


DIY Synth Kit

Create your own electronic music by building your very own synthesiser.


Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkel 

An excellent book on sale in the Data Store to quietly remind us of the fine art of conversation. A top pick by our shop assistants and well worth the read. “Being in conversation, it is the most human – and humanising thing that we do”

reclaiming conversation


Big Bang Data ran from 03 Dec 2015 — 20 Mar 2016