03 Dec 2015 — 20 Mar 2016 - Now Closed

Introducing The London Situation Room

Data & Cities

A sneak peek at what to expect inside our real-time London information room.

Data streams © Tekja

Data streams © Tekja

Immerse yourself in live data at the London Situation Room featuring new interactive works from Future Cities Catapult & Tekja. Real time data from Twitter, Instagram and Transport for London will be transformed and visualised to show the pulse of the city, whilst Future Cities Catapult will use data to project the future of the city, putting you in control of London.

The curator of the London Situation Room introduces the idea behind creating it and letting Londoners get their hands on their own data:

Future Cities Catapult, The London Situation Room, Big Bang Data

Future Cities Catapult, The London Situation Room, Big Bang Data

We also spoke to Tekja on why using data to analyse our cities can unveil a whole new way of understanding how people live and move, and why cities grow in the way they do:

‘Looking at real time information to show how London feels, we are doing some sentiment analysis on data…It’s really important to us that, people, everyday citizens as well as companies, understand that there is a real value to data, a cultural value. We understand how much data is available and we see it as our role to tell people that this is your information. It can tell you a lot about the society you live in.’

Whilst Future Cities Catapult put you in the driving seat and enable visitors to envision the future of London with their work London 2036. Via a series of questions inputted from a giant control  panel, you can see how your decisions will affect the city and its future population…


Big Bang Data ran from 03 Dec 2015 — 20 Mar 2016